Q. How much is delivery and when will I get my tool?

A. Our tools are posted first class Royal Mail, a 24 hr service. This will cost you £1.90 for all single Plumbchum tool orders (and we can fit a few mini tools in there also!),  we ship batches daily, 6 days a week. Our 'cut off' time is usually 10am, early morning customers often receive their tool the next day.

Other options including tracked or international, are available at checkout.


Q. Is this tool going to end up in a drawer unused?, or will it break?

A. Well, we can't make you use it regularly, but check our customer reviews, as it does so many things, many say that it is now their most used tool.

Plumbchum will, as its in your pocket, involve itself in the majority of the dozens of plumbing and general DIY tasks facing you each day, a screwdriver, small socket wrench, spanner for almost all nuts and bolts up to 10mm, it fits most plumbing valves, opens boxes, tins, hatches etc... sometimes you just need something to hold, push (TRV's!), twist or pry, don't use your keys anymore! add Plumbchum, the key to getting things done with less time spent looking and bending down for big clumsy tools.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on the Plumbchum because we know it is very strong. of the thousands we've sold so far, only one Plumbchum tool has been reported (and replaced), broken.

N.B. The Plumbchum mini tool is made from tough engineering plastic, however this is not as strong as the Plumchum. the bleed key end will break if attempting to undo or do up, bleed valves that are too tight. You'll know when its at its limit!!