This Tool enables a multitude of plumbing and DIY jobs to be achieved with just your keyring, here is a guide to getting the most out of it, We encourage you to find new uses, it is hardened steel so don't be afraid!


1. Grip Slot

The main valve grip slot can be used for many plumbing fixtures; gate valves, boiler valves, taps, drain valves etc, plus nuts and bolts if required! the serrations prevent slipping, if valve is not too stiff it can be spun round with 1 finger! If valve is stiff you'll find it gives all the torque you'll need. Its also very useful for opening doors that have had the handles removed by decorators!

2. Meter box key / hex bit holder

A powerful N52 neodymium will safely keep your favourite hex bit in here, turning the whole tool into a pleasingly ergonomic screwdriver.

3. 10mm Spanner 

Gas engineers will know that 90% of meter test points are an imperial size slightly smaller than 10mm for which some 10mm spanners are too big. We have ensured that ours is a tight fitting 10mm that fits all. There is a small ridge on the side that is used for isolation valves with poor access. (facing an obstruction !)

4. Small side slot

The thinner slot is primarily designed for lockshield/radiator valves.

5. Large side slot

The large or square shaped drain valves and any other valves that are too big for the thinner slot can be used in the wider one, or indeed the main slot. Using either of these and the main slot alternately allows for full turns in tight spaces, the angle of these features also allows the tool to be turned upside down for better access if required. There is also a wire stripping function in the large slot, bend wire 180deg through here and pull down hard whilst holding the bend tight to save your teeth if you haven't any electrical tools to hand!  Last but by no means least of these slots functions is the bottle opener, use the large slot as you would a bottle opener, because it is one..

6. Radiator bleed key 

The bleed key, unlike most, only has a small 'lead in' chamfer, this is deliberate as we know that some old bleed screws are worn and require all the contact they can!, its situated where it is so that it can be used on all radiators, even the flat panels that have bleed point at the back, it fits these particularly well.

7. Pump bleed / coin tool  

No more trying to fit a huge flat screwdriver into a curved pump bleed screw!, this feature also works on isolation valves better than the flat adjacent bit that was intended for them!, as the tool is in a more ergonomic orientation, perpendicular to valve when using this way, it works so well on these that you'll never put a screwdriver into one again!, as long as you always have this tool in your pocket!

8. Flat bit / box cutting tool / pry bar 

A very versatile feature that can perform many tasks, a flat screwdriver essentially, that will prise open water meters on the pavement well,  the corner of this enables the tool to be used as a great box opener. 

9. Side hex-bit holder 

Another N52 magnet turns the tool into a tight access or high torque screwdriver / wrench. pushing against the bleed key whilst using this function creates a very secure fit for burred screws. also  try using a 13mm hex socket driver for big boiler hanging screws, no need to take a drill up that ladder!

10. Pipe de-burring tool 

15mm copper pipes can be de-burred by rotating against the back corner of the triangle section, you will see there is a small feature that chamfers the inner edge whilst the tool body will make safe the outer edge.