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Keyring multitool packed with functions to save time, money and trips back to the van. For UK plumbing fixtures and useful for so much more.

Easily clipped to your keys and small enough to fit in your pocket. Carry it with you & have the right tool wherever you go, for life!

  • Heat treated stainless steel
  • Lifetime guarantee

Details & Features

1. Main Valve Grip Slot 

Used for many plumbing fixtures; gate valves, boiler valves, taps, drain valves, pump valves, broken filling loops etc, plus nuts and bolts if required, quicker than a spanner, just slide on and turn, or spin even.

2. Meter box key/ Hex Bit Holder/ Screwdriver

Open Gas and Electrical meter boxes,  Fitted with a powerful N52 magnet it will hold your hex bits securely and turns the tool into a screwdriver.

3. 10mm Spanner 

A tight 10mm specifically to fit all gas meter test points but useful in many situations, it can also be used as bottle opener, as with many tasks, this tool has more than one way of tackling them, on the side is a small feature for isolation valves with poor access.

4. Small Side Slot

The small, or thinner side slot is primarily designed for lock shield/radiator valves. the tool effectively becomes an ergonomic handle for them.

5. Large Side Slot

Square shaped drain valves and any other valves that are too big for the thinner slot can be used in the wider one.

6. Bottle Opener

The large slot enables the tool to function as a sensible, ergonomic bottle opener.

7. Wire Stripper

A 'v cut' at the base of the large side slot will strip cables and wires.

8. Radiator Bleed Key

Deep socket radiator key even gets to those tricky backwards facing valves

9. Pump Bleed  'Coin Tool'  

This feature also works on isolation valves better than the flat adjacent bit that was intended for them! useful for kitchen sink waste fixing 

10. Flat Bit / Pry tool   

Flat head screwdriver can be used cut open boxes, turn isolation valves and pry open tins of paint, water meter covers etc, you will find a new use for this each day, it will not break!, we guarantee that..

11. Side Hex-Bit Holder 

Another N52 magnet turns the tool into a tight access or high torque screwdriver / wrench, also useful for keeping a spare bits in!!

12. Pipe De-Burring Tool  

15mm copper pipes can be de-burred by rotating against the back corner of the triangle section.

13. Carabena

quality snap hook for clipping to your keys and helping you to keep your tool with you at all times. plus all the keys that come and go, on and off in a flash, but safe and strong

14. Scribe 

Using some of the side slots and straight edge you can use the tool to measure up and mark out 90 Degree angles, 15mm, 25mm & 2" straight edges.

15. Heat Treated

This tool has has been developed to be tough, so tough we're giving it a lifetime guarantee.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Aidan McCallum
A must have for everyone , domestic plumber or otherwise

I'll make this short and sweet , get one treat it right , it'll be with you for the rest of your life . It has saved me 1,000 times and that's just the start , even moving from domestic to pipefitter it's still used almost every day , in and out of work , just get one and you'll see what I'm on about .

Mandy Ram
More useful than you first think, try one!

When I first saw this multi tool I thought okay it does a few things but how useful is it??? Sceptical to say the least . However I have been using it for months now and it has been extremely handy and useful. I use it mainly for rads, isolation valves and the gas key. 👌🏽I mean when you need it it’s right there in your pocket what is better than that? 🤷🏽I prefer to use it off the key ring as a stand alone as when things are attached to it is too fussy. Good leverage and solidly made, love it! 😍

Matthew Leyshon
Love it !!

Handy little gadget , I use it every day

James Ledden
Plum chumb

Handy key ring to have with multiple uses

Jon Paul French
Handy bit of kit

Plumbers mate. A must for all plumbers. Handy for isolations in tight spots